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Magicmax Mam (유방촬영용 멀티메터)
유방촬영용 엑스레이의 종합검사장비



The Multimeter solution


일반촬영장치, 유방촬영장비, 투시촬영장치, C-arm, 치과용촬영장치, 혈관조영장치, 전산화단층촬영장치, CT 등의 방사선을 사용하는 장비에서의 성능을 측정하고 데이터를 관리할 수 있는 소프트웨어를 포함한 Multi fucntion meter 멀티메터 Magicmax 입니다.


Magicmax는 종류에 따라 일반촬영장치, 투시 촬영장치, C-arm, 치괴용 촬영장치에 사용하는 Magicmax Rad/Flu/Dent


유방촬영장치에 사용되는 Magicmax Mam, 치과용장비 전용으로 사용되는 Magicmax Dent, CT용 CTDI(CT장비의 선량측정)에 사용되는 Magicmax CT로 나뉘어 집니다.


Magicmax Mam은 독일 IBA Dosimetry의 검증된 기술력으로 개발된 Multi fucntion meter 멀티메터 입니다.


Magicmax Mam은 노트북과 연결하여 사용하는 USB Type으로 어느 노트북과 연결하여 사용할 수 있어 많은 인원이 공유할수 있는 장점이 있습니다. 선량 dose, 조사선량, 선량율 dose rate, 관전압 kVp, 관전류 mA, mAs, 조사시간 exposure time의 데이터는 모두 파형으로 준석되어 저장되며 엑셀 등의 프로그램과 호환이 가능합니다.


Magicmax Mam은 IBA Dosimetry의 검교정 서비스를 받은 제품으로 국제원자력기구 IAEA에서 인정하는 SSDL (Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory) 기관으로 등록된 IBA 사의 검교정 성적서를 함께 제공해 드리고 있습니다

MM XM detector.jpg

외형은 Magicmax Universal과 비슷한 형태의 디자인입니다.

디텍터를 탈부착 할 수 없는 일체형입니다



MM Rad in case.png

Magicmax & Detector in one case


MM mammo spec.png




MM soft.jpg

PC에 USB 포트를 통해 연결하여 측정하여 PC의 소프트웨어를 통해 측정 관리됩니다.



Measure Beam data with low influencing AEC




High time resolution, end up in high precise measurements also in pulse




Always ready for action without checking the battery status




no simulating ionization chamber with internal solid state detector.




i.e. Current Probe for invasive and non-invasive measurements






Install the SW on every PC wherever you need it.




The Software will adapt automatically to chosen accessory or  detected “exposure-mode”




Data can be exported in Excel with in specified cells for automatic template fill-in.




The shown Waveform is the real, without interpolation, and can be exported for further investigation.




With optimized excel-templates, which can be also modified by users. 




Uniquely Versatile
adaptable to any workflow QA need



MagicMaX for all needs
• Fully customizable solution
to fit your needs, your workflow and your budget
• MagicMaX mAs-Clamp
Unique invasive and noninvasive measurements
integrated in one tool
• Flexible computer hardware
Use your own laptop or optional IBA mini notebook



MagicMaX Multimeter with connected:
• XR-multidetector for Radiography, Fluoroscopy and Dental
• XM multidetector for Mammography​



Connect a second dosesensor to the MagicMaX for simultaneous entrance and exit dose measurement
Connect the MagicMaX mAsclamp for unique invasive and noninvasive measurements integrated in one tool
Connect the MM-LS MagicMaX Light Probe and verify lux measurements of viewing boxes, image intensifier output and x-ray
light fields within a measuring range of 0.1 lx - 10,000 lx​



​Uniquely Powerful
for conventional and digital applications


MagicMaX is designed to combine workflow efficiency with comprehensive data recording and analysis, making the solution the
powerful tool from quick checks down to the most demanding expert level measurements.



​High quality measurements for QA reliability
• Simultaneous measurements of kVp, PPV, time, dose, dose rate, filtration and more...
• Highest 0.1ms time resolution for best data quality
• Measurement of HVL (half value layer)
• Most accurate pulse information
• Anode ripples detectable




Intended use


The MagicMaX is intended to be used to provide quality assurance for the measurement of the beam of X-ray installations.


Non-intended use


The MagicMaX is not intended to be used with patients.


General Description


The MagicMaX multimeter is a PC based, USB powered automatic precision instrument for measuring dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, exposure time, noninvasively practical peak voltage, total filtration, and the first half value layer simultaneously. Semi-conductor sensors are used to combine high sensitivity and a compact sensor design without the need for a high voltage and ambient temperature as well as pressure correction. The radiation induced currents in the semi-conductor’s junction areas are simultaneously converted into electrical values by means of a unique six channel electrometer ASIC. All data is collected by a microcontroller and transmitted to the PC via a high speed USB interface in real time which allows long term wave form recording at highest time resolution like high performance oscilloscopes.


The MagicMaX has the following features:


Compact sensor and electronics design,


Long term wave form recording at highest time resolution,


kVp, internal and external dose rate measured and displayed simultaneously,


USB remote powered,


Durable through solid state design without motors or moving parts.



MM Mammo case.jpg

MagicMaX Mammo Case
A complete set for Mammography QC
MagicMaX Universal, consisting of:
· MagicMaX Universal basic unit
· A USB stick (including MagicMaX software, drivers, user manual, etc.)
· USB cables, 1 m and 5 m
Mammography multidetector (XM) including a detector holder
MagicMaX Current probe
PASMAM 1054 C phantom
Illuminance Detector MM-LS
Carrying case


상호 : 다올팬텀  사업장주소 : 경기도 하남시 미사강변한강로 155, SKV1 615호   대표자 : 이창진  사업자번호 : 640-48-00023
대표안내전화 : 070-4118-3540   FAX :  070-4118-3541   개인정보보호책임자 : 이민혁   호스팅 제공자 : 이센스
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