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Test Equipment(방사선측정기)

제목 Magicmax Universal full QA kit for Rad/Flu/Mammo/CT

진단방사선장치의 품질관리, 정도관리, 시험검사에서 활용할 수 있는 독일 IBA Dosimetry사의 Magicmax Universal Full QA Kit 입니다.
일반촬영장치, 투시장치, C-arm, 유방촬영장치, 치과/덴탈용 CT, 혈관조영장치, CT 등의 모든 진단용 방사선 영상장치에서 사용할 수 있는 구성입니다.
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Magicmax Universal full QA kit

Test phantoms for all X-ray modalities
Multidetector radiography / fl uoroscopy XR and mammography XM
MagicMaX Current Probe
Illuminance detector
Ionization chamber for CT

Consisting of:
Magicmax Universal high-end Multimeter Solution for all needs in beam verification;
Incl. advanced MagicMaX software for fast and complete dose measurement overview;
Plug and Play system allows fast and seamless workflow within ONE minute setup time

Test phantoms for Radiography, Fluoroscopy and Mammography
Primus L phantom for Digital & conventional Radiography and Fluoroscopy; Test device PASMAM for constancy tests / Quality Checks of Mammographic equipment according PAS 1054; incl. PMMA attenuator

2-part PMMA CT-Phantom VD1003110
Adult Head & Body / Pediatric Body

Test device PASMAM 1054
Test phantoms for Mammography image QA

Multidetector XR for Radiography and Fluoroscopy and Multidetector XM for Mammography for attachment to the MagicMaXUniversal;
Measuring values: kVp, PPV,HVL, dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, exposure time and wave form

DCT10 VD1020100
CT Ionization Chamber 10 cm

MagicMaX Current Probe
Unique invasive and non-invasive measurements of the tube current

Illuminance Detector
Light output measurements of image intensifiers and viewing boxes

Transportation Cases
2 case solution with trolley

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