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제목 맘모촬영장치용 멀티미터 Magicmax mam

유방촬영장치용 멀티메터 Magicmax mam

Magicmax mam 은 유방촬영장치의 선량, 관전압, 반가층, 조사시간 (Dose, kVp, HVL, Exposure time)을 측정할 수 있는 멀티펑션메터(Multy function Meter)입니다.

Magicmax Universal과 유사한 디자인이지만 Magicmax Universal과는 다르게 디텍터가 고정되어 맘모 전용으로만 사용하는 제품입니다.

측정 범위는 아래와 같습니다.​

Magicmax mam은 알루미늄 케이스가 기본 제공됩니다.

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Uniquely Versatile
adaptable to any workflow QA need

MagicMaX for all needs
• Fully customizable solution
to fit your needs, your workflow and your budget
• MagicMaX mAs-Clamp
Unique invasive and noninvasive measurements
integrated in one tool
• Flexible computer hardware
Use your own laptop or optional IBA mini notebook

Connect a second dosesensor to the MagicMaX for simultaneous entrance and exit dose measurement
Connect the MagicMaX mAsclamp for unique invasive and noninvasive measurements integrated in one tool
Connect the MM-LS MagicMaX Light Probe and verify lux measurements of viewing boxes, image intensifier output and x-ray
light fields within a measuring range of 0.1 lx - 10,000 lx​

​Uniquely Powerful
for conventional and digital applications
MagicMaX is designed to combine workflow efficiency with comprehensive data recording and analysis, making the solution the
powerful tool from quick checks down to the most demanding expert level measurements.

​High quality measurements for QA reliability
• Simultaneous measurements of kVp, PPV, time, dose, dose rate, filtration and more...
• Highest 0.1ms time resolution for best data quality
• Measurement of HVL (half value layer)
• Most accurate pulse information
• Anode ripples detectable

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