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Test Equipment(방사선측정기)

제목 방사선 선량계 Dosimeter Magicmax
IBA Dosimetry Magicmax 도시메타 입니다.
Magicmax의 관전압, 관전류 기능을 뺀 도시메타 Dosimeter Magicmax 입니다.
Magicmax와 같은 디자인이지만 kVp 등의 기능은 빠진 도시메터 Dosimeter (선량계)로의 역할만 합니다.
Magicmax에서 관전압(kVp), 관전류(mA, mAs)를 제외한 데이터를 소프트웨어를 활용하여 관리 할 수 있습니다.

Dosimeter -rad/flu/dent VD0201945
According to IEC 61674; the flexible solution for thorough measurements at X-ray units – a new generation of measuring devices!
➤ USB based system to be used with PC/Laptop
➤ MagicMax-Meter measurement software
➤ Including solid state Dose-Detector RQA
➤ Ability to attach an additional solid state
detector for simultaneous measurements of exit and entrance dose
➤ Including aluminum carrying case
Measurement Parameters:
➤ Dose / dose rate
➤ Dose per pulse
➤ Time
Options / Additional Accessories:
EeePC VD0201930
Instead of your own laptop.
mAs-Clamp VD0201975
For use with MagicMax, invasive & non-invasive measurements.
Illuminance Detector (lx) VD0201951
For use with MagicMax.
Solid State Detector RQA VD0202850
For use with MagicMax.

Intended use
The MagicMaX is intended to be used to provide quality assurance for the measurement of the beam of X-ray installations.
Non-intended use
The MagicMaX is not intended to be used with patients.
General Description
The MagicMaX multimeter is a PC based, USB powered automatic precision instrument for measuring dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, exposure time, noninvasively practical peak voltage, total filtration, and the first half value layer simultaneously. Semi-conductor sensors are used to combine high sensitivity and a compact sensor design without the need for a high voltage and ambient temperature as well as pressure correction. The radiation induced currents in the semi-conductor’s junction areas are simultaneously converted into electrical values by means of a unique six channel electrometer ASIC. All data is collected by a microcontroller and transmitted to the PC via a high speed USB interface in real time which allows long term wave form recording at highest time resolution like high performance oscilloscopes.
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