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Bone Density

제목 CIRS 004 CT Simulator for Bone Mineral Analysis, QCT Software CIRSCALC

QCT의 골밀도 측정용 시뮬레이션 팬텀 / 소프트웨어 입니다.

The CIRS CT Model 004 Simulator for Bone Mineral Analysis is designed to take into account all the known sources of variance affecting the measurement of density in the vertebral area
by simulating the average patient’s anatomy in terms of shape and density by using materials essentially equivalent to human tissues as far as X-ray interactions are concerned, including age-related variations in vertebral composition.
The design of the system permits reduction of all sources of error within acceptable limits. Careful and precise manufacturing and quality controls insure that all phantoms are identical
in order to create a general and uniform standard applicable to all scanners. The basic principle of operation is to sufficiently simulate the patient’s anatomy, and then to scan the patient and the phantom in succession with identical technical factors.
The Model 004 works with all CT Scanners and permits serial examinations of the patient irrespective of scanner use. Data interpretation and analysis can be performed “off line” to eliminate unnecessary scanner time.

• Accurately simulates the size, shape and CT density of human tissue
• Includes standard vertebral inserts of varying density to permit accurate correlation of quantative studies
• Provides the age-related variable corrections for marrow fat and mineral content
• Provides direct measure of calcium hydroxyapatite content avoiding the need for special extrapolations
• Requires no special scanner software
• Ideal for monitoring effects of therapy on trabecula structure
• Includes PC based report software
• Can be used immediately on whole body scanners

3가지 종류의 vertebral insert가 제공됩니다.

Phantom image with 150 mg/cc insert & Attenuator Ring

Patient image

The CIRS Slice Thickness Gauge is an easy to use evaluation tool for direct reading of CT slice thickness for quantitative applications such as Bone Densitometry and other tissue comparative diagnostic techniques.

QCT 분석용 소프트웨어가 함께 제공됩니다.
The CIRSCALC software program provided allows you to use a personal computer to perform all calculations and produce a printed graphic report.

분석된 결과가 리포트 형식으로 출력됩니다.
MODEL 004 CIRSCALC® Software produces detailed graphic reports on your stationary

1 Tissue Equivalent Lumbar Section
1 Medium and Large Attenuator Rings
1 Tissue Equivalent vertebral inserts 50, 100, 150 mg/cc
calcium hydroxyapatite
1 Slice Thickness Gauge (Collimator)
1 Acrylic Support Board and Base Stand
1 Product Brochure & User Guide
1 CIRSCALC® Software (CD-ROM for DOS or Windows)
1 Foam lined Storage Case