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제목 Contrast-Detail-Phantom CDRAD

X-ray 장비의 대조도 팬텀 Contrast-Detail-Phantom CDRAD 입니다.
소프트웨어를 통해 엑스레이 장비의 대조도 분해능력을 평가할수 있습니다.

Most definitions of image quality in radiology are based on characterizing the physical properties of the image chain.
However, medical diagnosis is not made by the image alone.
The perception by the observer is crucial for the result. A test of the observers perception is possible with so called
Contrast-Detail (CD) phantoms. With a CD-phantom it is possible to quantify both, detail and contrast, as observed by
the radiologist. The CDRAD 2.0 phantom can be used within the entire range of diagnostic imaging systems, such as
fluoroscopy and digital subtraction angiography.

Determination of the optimum exposure technique
Optimization and evaluation of digital radiology systems
Comparison of the image quality at various thicknesses of PMMA
Comparison of the image quality versus dose relation
Determination of the optimum background density
Comparison of different radiology systems
Aid for improving image quality
Monitors the image information content
Contrast-Detail curve/detectability
Tests low contrast and spatial resolution
Automatic scoring diagram
Averaging the score of multiple images
Contrast Detail curve
Image quality figure and % detected dots
Statistically sound
User definable settings
DICOM 3.0 Monochrome 1 and 2
Bitmap, jpeg and tiff files
Runs on Windows XP®/ Vista®/ 7® platforms
Free USB port needed