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제목 Test Tool ETR 1

Test Tool ETR 1

The ETR 1 is a multi-purpose test tool. With a single exposure on X-ray film made by using this tool,
you can check all of the following criteria reducing your time for QA:

Exposure Geometry
➀ ➁ ➂ ➈ ➉ e. g. for checking
■ Adjustment of image intensifier sizes
■ Alignment of the light fi eld edges to the x-ray field
■ Alignment of the light fi eld center with the center of the image
■ Adjustment of exposures made with a spotfi lm device
■ Decentering of the beam path (difference: center of the image vs. the perpendicular ray)
■ Alignment of the cassette with the center of the image (fi lm)
■ Magnifi cation (scale length of the test pattern vs. the actual scale length)

Film-Screen Contact
(and integrity ➇) to check the defi nition
critical resolution of the image receiver unit ➅

recognition of low contrast ➆ ➃

Optical Density ➄
■ Alignment mark 35 x 35 cm cassette size ➀
■ Alignment mark 24 x 30 cm cassette size ➁
■ Centimeter scale ➂
■ Low contrast details ➃
■ Measuring area for optical density ➄
■ Resolution test 0.6-5.0 Lp/mm ➅
■ Copper step wedge ➆
(height of one step = 0.1 mm Cu)
■ Diagonal grid for checking the defi nition ➇
■ Center ring r=1 cm with a thread for the centering cone ➈
■ Center rings for image intensifi er sizes (visible fi elds) ➉