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제목 MTF 측정용 엑스레이 팬텀, tungsten edge, tx5

IBA Dosimetry 사의 MTF 측정용 Tungsten Edge TX5입니다.
TX5 Tungsten edge는 IEC62220-1 규격을 만족하는 정교하게 제작된 팬텀입니다.
The edge test device TX5 in accordance to IEC62220-1 for determination of the MTF consistsof a tungsten plate, edge ±5 μm.

modulation transfer function (MTF)에 따라 엑스레이 영상의 품질이 좌우 됩니다.
The modulation transfer function (MTF) describes the frequency response of the imaging system or how well it preserves signal.
Every imaging system cause in a lost of contrast,the MTF describe the losing contrast.

소프트웨어를 사용하여 촬영한 TX5를 가지고 MTF값을 측정할 수 있습니다.
The plug-in performs MTF calculations only over slanted vertical edge images with dark side at left; If the picture is taken from an horizontal slanted edge, the image must be rotated 90°before run the plug-in. The edge can occupy the whole image (left) or the user can ____select a ROI to be analyzed (rigth). The method used to calculate the MTF from____ a slanted edge is fully described in the bibliography (see references bottom).

The pluginrun the calculations and shows as a result four plots labeled with the SPP_, ESF_, LSF_ and MTF_ prefixes followed by the file name.ESF, LSF and MTF plots are calculated and traced as described in the MTF bibliography.SPP (Sampling Periodicity Plot) is a plot showing the result to apply the Fourier Transform Function to the series of the maximum values of the LSF used in the MTF calculations; the plot is a valuable indicator of periodicity sampling reliablenessperformed by the system because of the slanted position of the edge related with the sensor grid.