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제목 Model 059 Breast Elastography Phantom

Model 059는 정확하게 평균 인간 모유에서 발견되는 조직의 초음파 특성을 모방.

The Model 059 accurately mimics the ultrasonic characteristics of tissues found in an average human breast. The size and shape of the phantom simulates that of an average patient in the supine position.

A special holding tray facilitates proper hand position during the training procedures.

Protected by a membrane, the phantom’s Zerdine® (1) fleshlike consistency simulates needle resistance.

The phantom contains several solid masses that appear slightly hypoechoic to the simulated breast tissue under normal ultrasound, but the lesions are at least two times stiffer than the background so they can be detected on elastograms. Lesions range in size from 3 to 10 mm in diameter, are randomly positioned throughout the background, and can be biopsied 3 times.*

Model 059 Ultrasound Image

Breast Elastography
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