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제목 Sun Nuclear - Gammex Doppler 403 Flow Phantom
Doppler 403™ Flow Phantom

Verify ultrasound system and transducer performance. Doppler 403™ and Mini-Doppler 1430™ Flow Phantoms help assess system velocities using precision flow rates and proprietary blood-mimicking fluid. Calibrating your Doppler ultrasound systems for accurate flow measurements optimizes the output, offering meaningful results to patients undergoing noninvasive testing

• Precision pulsatile flow mode allows you to reliably test system velocities

• HE (High Equivalency) Gel™ is patented and proven

- Helps ensure all transducers and system settings are fully tested across the entire frequency range from 2 to 18 MHz

- Response of attenuation-to-frequencies over 8 MHz supports accurate axial resolution and penetration depth representative of human tissue1,

From routine QA to education and complex research

Doppler 403 Flow Phantom

• The reference standard in Doppler Ultrasound QA

• Laminar and parabolic flows are available (velocity dependent)

• Includes the Sono Transducer Holder

• New blood mimicking fluid formulation

• No need to ever purchase or store blood mimicking fluid

• Increased viscosity and decreased Reynolds number

• Patented multi-frequency HE Gel™

• Constant and pulsatile flow modes

• Rugged, self-contained, battery-operated

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