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제목 Model 074 Thyroid Ultrasound Training Phantom

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Thyroid nodules occur in 50% of the world’s population with incidence increasing with age. Ultrasound guided biopsies of the thyroid yield more accurate results than free-hand techniques.
The CIRS Thyroid Training Phantom is a disposable training tool and practice medium for ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy procedures.  The phantom also serves as an excellent teaching tool for identification of various types of thyroid nodules and training on proper thyroid scanning techniques.
This phantom contains a slightly enlarged thyroid gland positioned within an anthropomorphic neck.  The chin and clavicle are provided as external anatomical landmarks. The phantom provides the trachea, internal jugular vein and common carotid artery as internal anatomical landmarks. Various nodules can be manufactured within the thyroid gland.  These nodules can represent andenomas, cysts, calcifications or papillary carcinomas ranging in size from 6 -15 mm diameter.  All materials are formulated to be ultrasonically realistic.
The phantom can be punctured numerous times, will not leak and requires no special storage.
The Thyroid Training Phantom creates a relaxed learning environment in which to develop skills.
•Train how to perform thyroid ultrasound examination
•Practice ultrasound guided biopsy procedures
•Internal and external anatomical landmarks
•Ultrasonically realistic materials
The slightly enlarged thyroid gland contains simple cysts and one isoechoic, stiff lesion in each lobe.
Fine needle aspiration can be performed on each cyst. Each stiff lesion is designed for visualization with sonoelastography and can be biopsied. These lesions are isoechoic to the thyroid gland and with standard B-mode imaging.
Nodules that represent adenocarcinomas, calcifications or papillary carcinomas ranging in size from 6-15 cm are available by custom request only.

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