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제목 Model039 Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom

Measure Known Tissue with Shear Wave Systems
• Single units and sets with custom modulus values are available upon request
• Ensure over ten years of reliable use through reinspection and repair services
Includes best in industry four-year warranty

Shear wave elasticity imaging is an emerging biomarker with many possible applications, most prominently for determining the stage of liver fibrosis in a patient without the need for invasive biopsies. The design of the Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom, Model 039, was developed and validated in a joint study sponsored by the Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance, and serves as the standard reference tool for determining sources of variance in shear wave elasticity measurements (see references on next page).

The Model 039 consists of four phantoms – each filled with Zerdine® gel formulated with differing values of Young’s modulus, a tissue-average speed of sound of 1540 m/s and speckle contrast levels matching that of a healthy liver.

Certification of Young’s modulus will be provided with each phantom for proof of measurements with a precision of
+/- 4%. Young’s modulus is tested on batch samples following ASTM standard D575-91 to ensure accurate elasticity. Density will also be measured to allow accurate conversion of shear wave speed to shear wave modulus and Young’s modulus.

Model 039 comes with a carry case for easy transport and phantom set up.

The Shear Wave Liver Fibrosis Phantom is compatible with many elastography systems.

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