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제목 Model044 Ultrasound Resolution Phantom

초음파 해상도 팬텀은 축 측면과 정면 해상도의 동시 평가를위한 초음파 QA 도구입니다.

팬텀은 특허 고체 탄성 재료, Zerdine로 구성되어 견고한 ABS 케이스에 보관되어 있습니다.
Zerdine 정확하게 인간의 간 조직의 초음파 characterisitcs을 재현합니다.
Due to the nature of sound wave propagation in tissue, all ultrasound systems must make a trade-off between resolution and depth of penetration. Higher frequency transducers provide greater resolution at the cost of depth of penetration, while lower frequency transducers sacrifice resolution for a larger field of view. The Model 044 provides an ideal platform for assessing the combination of depth of penetration and resolution using targets that combine axial, lateral and elevational resolution into a single parameter known as “effective resolution.”

To measure effective resolution, the Model 044 provides resolution and contrast targets over a series of depths.

The phantom is constructed from the patented solid elastic material, Zerdine®(1) and is housed in a rugged ABS casing. Zerdine accurately simulates the ultrasound characteristics of human liver tissue.

The phantom includes a carry case, certificate of compliance, user guide and 48-month warranty.

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