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제목 Dose2

IBA사의 일렉트로미터 Dose2
Dose2는 듀얼채널의 챔버를 지원하여 두가지의 선량을 검사할 수 있습니다.
IBA사의 다양한 챔버들과 호환되며 Air와 Water phantom에서 모두 사용이 가능합니다.

Independent Dual-Channel
􀂳􀀃 Two independent measurement channels
􀂳􀀃 Independent control of applied system factor, range and bias voltage
􀂳􀀃 Wide measurement range for advanced applications

Accuracy and Stability
􀂳􀀃 Reference Class Electrometer
􀂳􀀃 Significantly exceeds IEC 60731 and AAPM ADCL recommendations

Workflow Efficiency
􀂳􀀃 Threshold triggered measurement mode
􀂳􀀃 Intuitive touchscreen operated interface
􀂳􀀃 Simple data export via USB

High-Performance Dual-Channel Reference Class Electrometer
for reference dose and dose rate measurements in radiation therapy


Additional features and benefits:
􀂳􀀃 Real-time display of dose & dose-rate
􀂳􀀃 Date & time stamp of all measurements for clear identification
􀂳􀀃 Set automatic repeat measurements
􀂳􀀃 Built in chamber library for simple setup
􀂳􀀃 Integrated check source utility to ensure current strength or project future strength
􀂳􀀃 Both channels feature extensive range
       (0.001 pA to 500.0 nA, 0.001 pC to 999.9 μC) for a wide application, including ratio measurements

Large touchscreen color display provides easy operation and clear measurement readouts.
Three charge collection modes support measurements in a variety of clinical applications.

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